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Obesity: a Disease


Obesity is the epidemic of our times. This disease is responsible for many of the deaths we face today. Obesity contributes as a risk factor for heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and many other health issues.

In addition, obesity is associated with psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and has a very important role in the quality of life causing sadness, inability to perform physical activity, bullying, misjudgment by society, etc.

Today obesity has a cure and in curing obesity the above-mentioned diseases are preventable. We know that this approach to lose weight is not easy, but for that, we are here; we can guide you and, facilitate your way to weight loss success.

Currently, weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) in combination with proper nutritional and psychological treatment is the best option and the most effective way to achieve your goals. Tell us what your needs are and how we can help you.

Obesity: Impacts

The Heart

Having metabolic syndrome increases the risk of fatal diseases in the heart such as heart attacks, arrhythmias, and abnormal growth. These diseases can be prevented and may even be reversible if treatment is timely.

The Brain

Obesity can lead to serious cerebral damage that can potentially end your life. It can also lead to permanent damage, such as not being able to move any part of the body, or losing the ability to speak.

The Eyes

Retinopathy, related to metabolic diseases, is a condition that slowly erodes vision to the point of making some patients blind. Undergoing bariatric surgery in a timely manner and losing weight can help prevent this from happening.

The Bones

The continued wearing down of bones in obese individuals, as well as metabolic diseases, can cause serious issues. These issues include osteoporosis, pain, injuries such as fractures, and arthritis.

The Kidney

The kidney is a vital organ that is greatly affected when there are obesity and metabolic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. This injury to the kidney is irreversible and can cause kidney failure. This is why many people receive dialysis treatments since we can not live without kidney function. Preventing damage with timely treatment is the most effective way to take care of our kidneys.

Believe It's Possible

Dr. Christian Rodriguez is a certified surgeon specializing in weight loss surgery who is committed to offering patients alternatives to regain their health and welfare.


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Believe It's Possible

El Dr. Chiristian Rodriguez es cirujano certificado, especialista en cirugías para bajar de peso, comprometido con el propósito de sus pacientes ofreciendo alternativas para que sus pacientes recuperen su salud y su bienestar.


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